Artist / illustrator  / visual

Ruben Topia is a Dutch artist/illustrator born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Available for:
– Artwork for event, brand, artists.
– Mural paintings
– Graphic design, printwork
– Animation
– Commisioned paintings
– Giving a presentation
– Photo manipulation

The work of Ruben Topia focusses on architecture, utopian worlds and balance in a world of confusion and chaos.

The Rutopia project is a visual exploration to find the kingdom within and points towards a shift in consiousness in form of meditation, ceremonies and shamanic principles.

Living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.



Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam 
Bachelor illustration

Korea National University of Arts, Seoul
Exchange animation

SintLucas, Boxtel
Graphic design

F: facebook.com/rubentopia
I: @rubentopia